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Tech4Data is the Community where you can learn all about AI, Blockchain, Big Data and all the related technologies. News, Educational Resources, Discussion, Tools: all is here available for Free for Everyone.

The whole point of the Internet is sharing. Actually, not just sharing, but sharing data. The first internet was created by scientists and researcher to have a possibility to share their study in the fastest way possible through Universities and Centers far from each other.

This must be enough explanation for Tech4Data but let’s add more.

Nowadays internet is so developed and all-encompassing that we take this power for granted. Sharing is so easy that we forget to really share: it’s easier to re-post a meme or push like on a beautiful picture then really take time to share your knowledge.

In a World, where, in spite of being always more “social”, the Web is becoming a lonely place we wanted to bring back that spirit of Community, that spirit of Pioneers exchanging vital information to build a better future. In an Internet where narcissism of the body is becoming the main thing, we want to focus on the love for knowledge.

Tech4Data is the platform where we will discuss the latest technologies as

  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Data Mining
  • Chained Data
  • Neural Networks
  • Machine Learning
  • Feature Design and Extraction
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Design
  • Machine Learning Algorithms Training
  • Internet of Things technologies

The Discussion has already started on Our Facebook and LinkedIn groups: this site will be the hub where we will publish the ideas, the research, the tools, the information… the best of the best that will be created from these conversations in the group. Material and Tools that will be here available for free for everyone

If you are a person that heard for the first time about Artificial Intelligence from a movie, and you want to learn more, if you are a businessman that wants to know how to use Big Data for real, if you are the hacker with a t-shirt that says “404 PAGE NOT FOUND”, if you are the anarchist that wants to change the world through blockchain…

whoever you are, if you want to learn about these topics, this is the right place for you.

Read, discuss, ask, learn, use our tools.

Live Long and Prosper!

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